Montague Chiropractic Clinic Warwick puts the patient in the centre of attention. We acknowledge the research from Professor M Steward* on patient centred care and share some of her wisdom in the following paragraphs. 

We explore the main reason why a patient visits, their concerns and need for information. We seek an integrated and appropriate understanding of the patient’s world and agree mutually on a plan of management aiming to reach an optimum outcome. This does not put pressure on the patient but it takes into account the patient’s desire for information and for sharing decision making as individually as appropriate.  

Most of this information will be obtained during the initial consultation by listening to the patient, by specific questions (from the chiropractor or relevant health care clinician) and if appropriate from the subsequent physical examination.

Patient centred clinical practice is a holistic concept in which components interact and unite in a unique way in each patient-doctor encounter*. 

*Stewart, M. (2001). Towards a global definition of patient centred care : The patient should be the judge of patient centred care. BMJ : British Medical Journal, 322(7284), 444–445.