Sciatica - very, very painful right side - lower back, hip and down leg to foot. 3 treatments with Mrs Durrant and pain was all gone!
— June M L, Housewife
I have been seeing Angelika and am very impressed. As martial artist of 50 years I have had consultations with many medical personnel and never had such a professional diagnosis and treatment. My lower back problem is now sorted to my complete satisfaction.
— David S, Karate Instructor
For several months I’ve taken painkillers and rubbed on gel for my frozen shoulder. Having 3 sessions with Angelika and followed her instructions 3 times daily the outcome is amazing. My lifestyle has improved!

— Shirley A, Retired Secretary.
I came to the practice about 6 weeks ago for my back pain. Wish I would have come a lot sooner, my back is now pain free after 2 years. Thank you Angelica.

— Wendy S, Area Manager.
I came to the surgery after losing faith with my GP. [Trapped nerve in neck with secondary pain in arm]. He could not get to root cause and simply masked symptoms with injections. After a thorough examination a course of treatment was designed. I progressed to not only pain free – but also took guidance and exercises to help with future problems that may arise. I cannot recommend the surgery highly enough!! Well done team.

— Mark H, Group Leader.
Angelica, thank you so much for all the care and attention you have given me and all the help.

— Fiona H.
Thank you Angelika for dealing with my very painful back problem, so glad I came to see you, I have been on holiday with lots of walking!! but took ice pack with me and was fine.

— Mrs P. S.
Thank you again for your kindness and skill in dealing with my painful knee. I am very pleased to say that it is very much better and I have had no real problems since I saw you last Wednesday.

— Geoff K, Retired Head Teacher.
Angelika, Thank you very much. I cannot express the amount of pain relief you provided. I feel so much better this morning and it is all down to your expertise and professionalism. You are a credit to the practice.

— Kathleen K, Retired Teacher.
Thanks so much for helping both my Dad and me to keep happy and moving!

— Mandy W, Primary School teacher.
Having had lower back pain for a number of years…. Since my treatments have started, I have seen a significant improvement in the mobility of my back, the types of movement I can make and an increased time between treatments. I can’t thank Angelika enough for the benefits I have experienced, as for the first time in several years this summer I was able to not only sit in the garden but do some gardening! An activity I haven’t managed to enjoy for some time.

— Judith M, Analyst.
After injuring myself in the gym, I suffered with 12 months of stabbing pain through my mid back and ribs. I tried the GP’s, massage and a few other things and was then recommended by a friend… After only a few treatments, I was back to my best, I am honestly kicking myself that I did not go sooner! Would not hesitate to recommend Angelica.

— Stuart P, IT Consultant.
From the first visit I felt at ease and welcome, although I was nervious, Angelika was extremely friendly and helpful – she spent time listening to me and exploring the symptoms. I felt fully informed at every stage and understood both my condition and the treatment I was having. Within a couple of treatments my symptoms had cleared up completely.

— Rebecca B, Teacher.
Thank you so much for all you did for me and my troublesome back.

— Alison.
Before commencing my treatment with Angelica, I was having problems with my right arm which seems to be a trapped nerve. I had been to my GP on 2 occasions and he had not helped me. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was not sure if I would benefit from the treatment but decided to give it a try. Angelica put me at ease immediately and gave me a thorough examination as well as filling in all the forms. She recommended deep massage, ultrasound and acupuncture. My first treatment was a revelation, I could feel the difference after a couple of days. Each sessions I made further steps forward and after 5 or 6 sessions I am happy to say the problem in my arm is gone completely. I would recommend Angelica to anyone needing help in this or similar areas. Top Service.

— Dave W, Driver/Warehouseman
Back and hip problems for many years, came to see the chiropractor and within a few visits am much better, no more pain. My job was a farrier so always bent over. Now I can walk for a lot longer than for many years. Great.

— Mrs D. L, retired Farrier
I’m very grateful that Angelika showed such concern recently that I have lost the use of my thumb. She x-rayed it and drafted a letter for me to take to the hospital. I have got to have an operation as my tendon has severed. I very much appreciate Angelika’s concern and professionalism.

— Elaine P.
After visiting the practice in July, when I was unable to walk without the aid of a stick, Angelika immediately recognised worrying symptoms.  Unfortunately she was unable to treat my condition but set the wheels in motion for me to have an urgent MRI scan and a Consultant’s appointment.  This was followed by an operation at the QE on the NHS and I was out of hospital and walking unaided within nine days from my appointment with her. I was so impressed I recommended her to my wife and a friend who have both had appointments with Angelika.

— Peter S. Engineer
I had spasmodic, sickening pains in my arm, shoulder and neck for a long time which I had assumed was caused after a fall and was reluctant to go to a Chiropractor as I was afraid I had damaged my spine.  Angelika Durrant gave me a thorough examination and determined that my spine was fine, quickly putting me at ease.  She was then committed to finding the cause of my problem which she did.  After a few visits the improvement was remarkable.  I would recommend Angelika without reservation and urge anyone in pain to make that appointment sooner rather than later.

— Marion T, Autocad Technician