Do you get back pain when running?

There can be many causes to low back pain but this new study highlights the impact a weak core musculature can have on runners.  

kitten run.PNG

Raabe and & Chaudhari's study aimed to "identify potential strategies used to compensate for weakness of the deep core musculature during running and to identify accompanying changes in compressive and shear spinal loads". They stated that some deep core muscles contribute to the running kinematic and that weakness within can cause compensation by other muscles and lead to increased shear stresses on the spine. They found that weakened core musculature may increase runner's risk of developing low back pain. 

Their study is called: Biomechanical consequences of running with deep core muscle weakness, Journal of Biomechanics, December 2017.

At Montague Chiropractic Clinic we check your core muscle strength with targeted performance tests during the rehabilitation phase of your treatment plan and if you presented with low back pain. Our in-house sport therapist and health coach can guide further rehabilitation or support your performance improvement. Your Montague Clinic team is looking forward to meeting you.