Two Castle Run

We wish all runners of this year’s two castle run to have a great experience!

As always, our team of therapists is at the ready to keep you well and injury free. We also added an extra shift for our sports massage therapist both pre- and post event. You will find us in 148 Emscote Road in Warwick. To book please call 01926 830445 or email

Montague Chiropractic Clinic - a multi-disciplinary approach to keep you moving.

Golf ball pick-up

Most people have a fairly good idea on how to lift heavy items, and are avoiding sprains and strains or a flare up of back pain. But do you know how to pick up something little or something very light? Tiger Woods displays an excellent technique at the 2019 Masters:

red tiger woods.jpg

His back is straight and strong, the club provides balance and some weight distribution, one leg extends back to allow the deep forwards bend that happens in the hips, not the spine.

Particularly repetitive bending can fatigue muscles and can cause sprains and strains. This technique is not just for golf balls but also for random little things that we want to pick up from the floor.

tiger woods.jpg

Montague Chiropractic Clinic - a multi-disciplinary clinic for patient centred musculoskeletal health.

Massage appointments now available

Is muscular tension getting the better of you? Do you feel the strain when exercising or afterwards? Do you rub your neck or shoulder while sitting in the office?

Montague Chiropractic Clinic is now offering sport massage, patient centred to your needs. No matter how sedentary or active your lifestyle, our experienced and well educated therapists will tailor their approach accordingly.

For further information please check our website. Call or email to make your appointment.

Have a treatment on a Monday or Thursday and save money!

This is a big thank you directed at existing patients and valid for appointments on a Monday or Thursday up until the 31st January 2019.


For the next two weeks only, treatment/consultation usually £37, on a Monday or Thursday only £30. This is our thank you for existing patients. Only until the 31st January 2019. T&C apply.

Clinic Anniversary Promotion

We are celebrating 1 year of Montague Chiropractic Clinic and the treats are on us. We offer special concessions for a limited time only. Please read on and don’t forget to like and share this post.

cerv traction.jpg

Montague Chiropractic Clinic has opened its doors one year ago as a new business with no patient base. It has grown significantly in its first year perhaps due to our experienced principal Chiropractor Angelika Durrant and the amount of recommendations we received from our growing group of patients. We now have a lovely patient base and new established ways for local referrals and recommendations. We co-operate with other health care and wellness providers as well as with consultants and were able to be true to our theme of “patient centred care”. More therapeutic clinic equipment and treatment modalities have been added to our treatment menu. We had to extend our opening times twice to suit patient’s preferences. And we are looking to recruit, both in the therapy and administration areas.

Knee exam dialog.jpg

Our Anniversary Promotion is limited in time and number and we have a treat for both new and existing patients: (terms and conditions apply)

1 hour initial patient consultation (includes treatment if appropriate) reduced from £60 to £27 if booked for a Monday or Thursday in December 2018 (consultation time between 6.30am to 8.00pm).

Treatment price for existing patients reduced from £37 to £30 for appointments on a Monday or Thursday in January 2019 (consultation time between 6.30am to 7.00pm).

To book your appointment please call 01926 830 445 or email to with details on which days and times would suit you. You can find all our opening times on the contact tab of our website.

We hope that you appreciate this special concession as a thank you from us.

Recruiting: Sports Massage Therapist

Please like and share our post as our clinical team in Warwick wants to grow!


Montague Chiropractic Clinic in Warwick is looking for a Sport Massage Therapist to join the clinical team. All equipment will be provided. You will be part of a multi-professional team that is dedicated to musculoskeletal health and that works together to provide evidence based, best clinical practice and patient centred care.

Various clinic shifts available in the time from Monday to Saturday.

Please send your message and CV via email to

Our website is

Montague Chiropractic Clinic - where health care professionals are dedicated to musculoskeletal health and a patient centred approach.

Is pain holding you back?


At Montague Chiropractic Clinic we see a wide variety of pain presentations that can make active daily living difficult or hold people back from exercising. We work with you in a patient centred approach to assist you reaching your individual therapeutic goal.

Get in touch today with the friendly and competent Montague Team or check our website for more information.

Now offering therapeutic ultrasound

The Montague Chiropractic clinic team may designate the use of our new therapeutic ultrasound machine within your treatment plan.....


Therapeutic ultrasound is traditionally used in physical therapy and chiropractic clinics to aid the recovery of sprains and strains, tennis elbow, tendinitis and other soft tissue complaints. It can also be used for pains in osteoarthritis.

Ultrasound foot.jpg

Should therapeutic ultrasound be used in your treatment plan, there is no additional cost. Your therapist will discuss treatment options and is most likely to include this modality into your treatment plan for sporting aches and pains.